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Simple Steps to Your RPA Strategy

Getting the assessments

  • Designate individual(s) to own the assessment process, either internal or external. Need help? We can assist!

  • Provide their names and email addresses to RPA Officer ™.

  • Complete the Mutual NDA and Statement of Work.

  • Payment options provided through PayPal.

  • RPA Officer ™ will send a link for the requested assessments via email.

Completing the assessments

  • Download assessment questions from link(s) provided via email. (Options: HR, IT Operations, Account Management, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Contact Center, Legal, RE/Facilities Management, Healthcare and Medical Billing/Revenue Cycle Management.)

  • Schedule time with RPA Officer ™ consultant to walk through initial consultation.

  • Gather data from internal departments/champions.

  • Designated individual(s) enter data into online assessments. Need help? We can assist!

  • Once the assessment has been completed, RPA Officer ™ is notified electronically.

The analysis

  • For every process included in our methodology, we built out a process flow chart with standardized tasks and procedures, highlighting key areas of focus to develop the assessments.

  • Each data entry has a numerical ranking as part of algorithms to build out the charts and scorecard.

  • After analyzing data entries from the initial consultation and completed assessments, RPA Officer ™ consultants summarize into a final executive report.

receiving the report

  • After RPA Officer ™ analyzes data collection and produces the executive report, final deliverable is sent via email.

  • Client may request final meeting to discuss findings and recommendations.