Benefits of the

RPA Officer ™ Tool

How We Differ



The RPA Officer ™ tool is cloud-based.  Take the online assessment questionnaire at your convenience with online consultants available to assist. 


RPA Officer ™ is the 1st cloud-based solution on the market for RPA Strategy development.

our team

Our team has decades of experience in process improvement, process automation, audit and compliance.  We also have worked in several industries.


The RPA Officer ™ tool provides an enterprise-wide Tier 1 risk assessment and opportunity analysis.  Then, if desired, we can also provide a Tier 2 assessment per vertical.


We use only secure platforms to ensure your information is private.

simple process

Our process is easy.  Once you decide which assessments you would like to complete, we send you a link for the online assessment(s).  

50% faster

The RPA Officer ™ tool is already developed so you save months of consulting time.  We can provide results within a few short weeks, given your data entry timeframe.  


We use PayPal for invoicing and payment processing to provide you with a quick and secure payment option.

Executive deliverable

After all information is entered into the online assessment, we provide you an executive report that prioritizes each subprocess for automation.